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To support the economic vitality of the South Shore community of Lake Tahoe the South Shore Transportation Management Association provides support and a unified leadership voice for public/private partnerships. We advocate for and improve mobility with innovative solutions to meet resident and visitor transportation needs by fostering collaboration, education and sustainable funding.

Key Objective #1

Develop Transportation Projects & Programs


  • Pilot/proof of concept projects (e.g. microtransit, bike share, micro-mobility hubs, parking management)
  • Advocacy

Goal: Create Priority List

  • Help refine & implement TRPA’s employee trip reduction program (Commute Tahoe)
  • Microtransit Pilot Project implementation
  • Implementation of TRPA’s RTP, focus on South Shore projects
Key Objective #2

Education and Awareness


  • South shore resource: transportation options, tools & projects
  • Convener
  • Employee trip reduction programs

Goal: Create Communications Plan

  • Help refine & implement TRPA’s employee trip reduction program (CommuteTahoe)
  • Microtransit Pilot Project
  • Implementation of TRPA’s RTP, focus on South Shore projects
Key Objective #3

Messaging, Communications, and Marketing


  • Private sector liaison
  • Communicate planning efforts
  • Communicate Services
  • Garner community support for transportation programs

Goal: Create Communications Plan

  • Identify communications opportunities & partners – electronic portals & printed
  • Maintain website – the central node for information
  • Market free transit (current & future)
  • Education around the importance of reducing free parking (parking management)
Key Objective #4



  • Raising money from private sector
  • Identify other funding sources

Goal: Identify Funding Gaps & Opportunities

  • Identify funding needs for SS/TMA priorities (resources for all Objectives)
  • Identify funding sources for transportation (e.g. TBID, Regional Revenue source contributions)
  • Assessment of what has been pursued in the past
  • Paid parking to fund transit
Key Objective #5

Sustainable TMA


  • Sustainable funding for TMA
  • Board governance and leadership

Goal: Create Annual Budget

  • Identify Current funding needs
  • Identify funding sources for TMA (membership, fee for service, grants, assessment)
  • Reach out to other TMAs and districts for lessons learned.
  • Revenue for management of transportation projects and programs